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Name:dishonored kink meme
Posting Access:All Members

• This meme will likely contain various spoilers, squicks and triggers, so proceed at your own risk.

• please keep everything civil, we're all here to have a good time no need to get on anyone's case or ague about anyones promt

• ether use the anon meme for questions and consorns or contact thegrandoverseer directly


prompt titles should be formatted like (name/name) [warning,kinks] where as fills should be formatted the same but with a title in front, for example
prompt : (Samuel/Corvo) [blood,hurt comfort]
after a mission Samuel stitches up Corvo who then shows his gratitude
story: Then they boned (Samuel/Corvo) [blood,hurt comfort]

All prompts must contain somebody (or something) from dishonored

Crossovers with other fandoms or OCs are allowed.

In addition your prompt should contain at least one kink and/or scenario.

Fills can be fanart, fanfiction, or really anything you'd like as long as it works with the prompt .

Multiple fills per request are allowed.

Keep the meme alive by requesting and filling prompts.


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